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Paranormal Inc

Paranormal Inc

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Paranormal Inc immerses players in a world of strange phenomena and mysterious events. It is designed for lovers of mysticism and adrenaline. Are you ready to investigate and survive in high-risk environments?


You will become part of a team of researchers who are studying anomalous activities. Visit various locations, from abandoned houses to sinister mental hospitals! The process is divided into missions, each of which offers tasks. Users will have to wander through dark places.


  • Study
  • Stealth and Survival
  • Teamwork
  • Lots of levels
  • Stressful Environment

What to Do?

Use various tools and equipment such as cameras, motion sensors and more. This game combines elements of horror, strategy and adventure. All this creates a tense atmosphere, forcing you to constantly be on alert. Document evidence of the presence of beings!

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